30 years of experience

Dan Kontz began learning the carpentry trade in Philadelphia’s tenements during the 1970s. He later refined his woodworking skills in the Hamptons, before putting his career on hold for a four-year enlistment as a U.S. Marine.

His tour of duty brought him to London, England, where he met his future wife and eventually settled to begin a family. There, Dan built up a successful construction firm with 20 employees that offered whole building remodeling services, including custom cabinetry.

After a decade spent in London, Dan relocated with his family to Northeast Pennsylvania. He provided many satisfied customers with bars, libraries, kitchen cabinets, and one-off specialty pieces built to clients’ specifications.

His relocation to Naples, FL has been the culmination of a dream to live and work doing what he loves most. Here, he draws inspiration from the landscape and crafts custom pieces showcasing nature’s resources.